Redesign and Redifine

There’s something special about purchasing vintage and antique furniture. Each piece holds it's own unique history and carries a bit of its past into it's new home. One way to rewrite the history of a certain item is to incorporate your own individual style. We offer a variety of services to our customers including painting, updating hardware, adding custom finishes, and adjusting the height of certain pieces. Whatever you can imagine, we can work with you to create a piece that helps bring your space together! 

Ed Quinn, our in-house craftsman and cabinet maker, is constantly working on projects for our customers. He can bring a piece to life with just the right touch of paint, stain or color. Recently, he has taken a large antique blue mirror, painted it a soft white, then overpainted with a dreamy eggshell blue. After the paint, he gently distressed the finish to form a perfect natural patina.

You also have the option of creating a custom piece from scratch using vintage and repurposed parts. We can find a separate top and base for a table that would work well together, and "marry" the two pieces together into a one of a kind piece. If there is a dining table that you think would make the perfect coffee table, we are able to cut it down to the exact size you’re looking for. For reference, a typical custom 7ft table would cost between approximately $750-$ 1500

We are also an exclusive distributor for Michel Ferrand, a furniture company who creates custom handcrafted pieces in France. His designs combine modern and traditional French styles with up to date finishes and color palettes. Since these pieces are hand crafted in France, they take up to 16 weeks to complete and ship from France. 

Whatever you can imagine, we can help turn that dream into a reality. Tell us about your dream piece, we'll do our best to find or create it for you.