Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim

In the world of home décor, nothing has a rustic feel quite like that of reclaimed furniture. Like the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We have a vast assortment of refinished and update pieces floating throughout our store, each one different from the next. The stories and history behind these redone wonders linger inside of them creating a mysterious allure. 

Warehouse 2120 is one of our vendors that have an incredible selection of refinished pieces. The boat wood collection captures the beachy vibes of exotic Bali and brings the old, unusable fisherman’s boats back to life. Never repainted, each section of wood looks beautifully weathered. You can practically see the ocean waves tearing apart at the original layers of paint.


We offer a variety of items from Warehouse 2120 including benches, armchairs, large wooden letters (perfect for a DIY!), coffee tables and mosaic mirrors. The end result of the boat wood furniture is anything but plain. These are all wonderful conversation pieces with a humble backstory and history that will intrigue everyone.


It isn’t just this one section we have that holds all of the refinished allure. Pieces all throughout the store are redone to add a little extra something. Vintage dressers get a fresh coat of paint, tables get new legs, and hardware is replaced to make them function like new again.


Come check out our selection here for yourself and see what we have in stock!