Hey Ramblers, so far 2015 has been an exciting (and snowy!) time for Ramble Market. We have two new vendors that we're soooo excited about. The first of which is Journey's Eye Studio


Journey's Eye is basically a TON OF FUN. Owner Jodi Issacs is an avid collector and stylist with an appreciation for the past and a modern eye. Jodi teamed up with Steve Tyrell, the creative genius behind the re-cycled, re-purposed and custom made creations at Journey's Eye to form "In House", a brand which allows them to take the pieces they find and craft new and imaginative uses for them. 


Journey's Eye specializes in personality pieces that are sure to provoke a smile and stand out in any room. Unique pieces with architectural interest and a sense of humor are their passion. The best part is, if they don't sell it, they can probably make it. Want a lamp made out of old car parts? No problem. A napkin holder made out of llamas and lucite- sure thing! Custom furniture for your bar or restaurant? Absolutely. 

So come to Ramble Market and see for yourself. Journey's Eye will bring a smile to your face and make your imagination run wild.