Spook up your house!

Need a few creepy items to place around the house to scare the kids (or the hubby?).  Or perhaps maybe just a few items that hint at the spooky nature this time of year brings.  We may not have ghouls and goblins but these are some of our top items that scream "EEK" to help you spook up the house this Halloween..
  • Vintage original paintings
  • $29.00 a piece
  •  Eclectic goodies could give anyone the creeps.
  • Creepy Clown $24.00
  • Antique Bronze Bells $29.00
  • Vintage Books $1.50
  • Putting candy (or eyeballs... ) in these stylish fall baskets would be great for the Kids. 
  • Basket Set $40.00
  • Smaller Basket $6.00
  • Haunting your house this year? Well i know these eyes follow me everywhere I go.
  • 6 piece set of 1950's portraits $875.00