Amongst all of our fabulous furniture and awesome antiques is Luxie Boutique, a little shop full of designer deals and secondhand steals. For this week's Stuff With A Story I interviewed Luxie's proprietor, Seana Ambulos about what makes a great deal and why shopping secondhand is the way to go!

How would you describe Luxie Boutique?

"Luxie is a high-end and designer resale shop focusing on current trends, styles and classic quality design." 

What do you look for in the pieces you select for Luxie?

"Quality. The thing I like most about resale clothing is you can see how well things have held up over time. I understand manufacturing, how things are made, why I would want to get cottons from Peru, or cashmeres from Scotland or Italy. So I factor that into the items that I pick. I understand the seasons, the variety of clothing that you need within the span of a season. The beginning of one season and the end of another requires a totally different wardrobe."

Why do you think someone should shop at Luxie vs. a typical retail store?

"Variety, pricing, and one on one attention. We work closely as stylists and we want to make sure its a personal experience." 

What’s your favorite item in stock right now?

"The Celine trench coat. It probably retails for close to $3,000 and I can sell it for $498, which is a obviously a great bargain."

What’s the most amazing piece you’ve ever gotten a deal on?

"There’s been so many, I’m really really lucky. I would have to say, a Chanel pocketbook. I got it on sale for $298 and it had the black caviar leather, with the Lagerfeld interlocking C’s and gold chain. It would have retailed for $2200." 

What got you interested in the resale industry? 

"I know I’m a dealer, but I think of myself as a picker, because it comes so naturally to me. My parents were collectors and we were always stopping at yard sales or barn sales. I could either stay in the station wagon with 5 brothers and sisters and the dog, or I could get out and start learning something."


For the rest of the holiday season Luxie is featuring 50% off "Velour Galore and So Much More!" which is a combination of sparkle, velvet, satins and silks. Classic styles for the holidays and New Years. Plus, 30% off the Fall and Winter collection, which includes shoes, boots and handbags.