Ramble Market is officially off the bench and IN the Mid Century Modern game!

Mid–century Modern is a significant design movement that encompassed furnishings, architecture and design starting in the mid 1930’s and running right through the mid 1960’s. It is a pretty hot look in home furnishings, and no wonder, it is beautifully designed, streamlined, and well constructed from quality materials like solid walnut and teak. Danish Modern is term given specifically to the Danish and Swedish furniture sold here in the US starting in the early 1950’s and popular here until the late 70’s. 

We have acquired estate goods from several Boston are homes that were filled Mid-Century. One in particular, in Chestnut Hill, was like a Mad Men set, every piece was bought in the late 50’s and early 60’s. There was nothing in the house, it seemed, purchased after 1965, so that was a lot of fun for us to discover. We were able to purchase every piece from the 6 room house, from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. We have also been lucky enough to find Mid-century goods from other estates, and have taken a few great pieces in on consignment to sell for a couple of local residents. 

Our first example is this super cool (our highest rating, lol) sectional sofa in original fabric, possibly by Dunbar(we are looking into the attribution). It came out of the Chestnut hill home (no pets, one daughter) so again, great original condition. It is comfy and most poeple, I think, would use without reupholstering, maybe just a good cleaning. It is kind of our favorite piece from the Chestnut Hill home. (Shhhh, don't tell the other furniture!)

Following are some of other our newly arrived favorites…

A Swedish walnut chair and ottoman that was recently reupholstered in a cool tawny leather, folks lemme tell ya, it is sooo comfortable… It might be the most comfortable chair in the world actually. 

A crazy long credenza signed by Furnette, designed by Robert Fellner and Mark J. Furst, in the mid to late 1950's. It has tambour rolls left and right and an original accessory cabinet that sits on the top left side. We even found an original ad from 1959 that shows a smaller version of the exact piece!  Got yourself a 16+ foot wall?? This baby is for you! 

This is a walnut dining table and chairs, probably American made, c 1950’s, in like, right-out-of-the-box condition. There is a full set of pads with this, which they must have used religiously, to protect the top. We rarely see goods from any era in such pristine condition. The chairs have a rather, shall we say, colorful vinyl seat covers, and are tight as a drum, plus… wait for it….they are also super comfortable!

It also has 2 hidden leaves (pictured). It is a leaf system used by some manufacturers today, but this is the earliest example (by 25 years) that we have ever come across. 

Next, is a super clean-lined Danish Teak coffee table from 1955 designed by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen for France and Son, Denmark (note photo of makers tag found on the underside of the table), in mint fresh condition. Behind it we have an American made long, cool low slung Mid-century sofa. It’s in original fabric, but most people would probably have this one reupholstered.


What we didn’t post are the mid-century accessories and art work, tons of fun in this category, these are the devils in the detail!

 Come visit and bring your Don Draper Fedora and your Peggy Pill Box!